Streaming lunch time CYBERSECURITY webinar

October 25, 2023

October 25, 12:00pm, EDT - 1:00pm, EDT




Manage your Cyber risk 

"More than 39 million individuals have been impacted by healthcare data breaches reported in the first half of 2023 alone."

"The majority of the top ten largest healthcare data breaches reported to HHS in 2022 stemmed from third-party vendors, signaling a need for better third-party risk management (TPRM) practices in the industry."

Source: Health IT Security


Join us for an exciting online event that will delve into the art of streamlining third-party assurance. Healthcare organizations have expanded their third-party risk management and compliance programs to better understand and address their risks. An unintended consequence is a process that is more customized, fluid, manual, and time-consuming.

Presenters will share an overview of the problem, leading third-party assurance options, focus areas and degree of assurance provided, and insights to help attendees determine their 'best' option. Whether you are a supplier or depend on assurances to manager your cyber risk, this webinar is for you. Discover how to build trust while simplifying the process. Register today.



David Winn, Parkview Health



Jared Hamilton, Crowe

Sara Kastner, Crowe


Jared Hamilton

As an IT Assurance Director at Crowe, Jared has 20 years of experience in assessing, remediating, and managing cybersecurity risks, with specialization in healthcare and third-party risk. He helps providers, payers, and health tech companies understand how to earn trust with each other through vendor management and IT assurance services. As a CISSP, he has acted as a CISO for a healthcare organization, holds several technical certifications, and is a regular speaker on cyber risk management issues at regional and national conferences.


Sara Kastner

As manager within Crowe’s IT Assurance practice, with over 17 years of service, Sara has gained extensive expertise in auditing and managing Information Security programs as both an industry and consulting professional. Sara's experience in managing cybersecurity and third-party risk, as well as evaluating programs as a consultant, has enabled her to provide valuable insights and guidance to Crowe clients.


David Winn

As a Vice President at Parkview Health, Dave is a solution-driven healthcare IT executive with a proven track record of success by focusing on customer service, team development, relationship building, and a solid understanding of the needs of the business and consumer. Success is based upon the cultivated principles of talent development and ensuring alignment with the business’ strategic vision, capitalizing on operating savings, and cultivating a culture of accountability and service. Possesses a successful track record of leading diverse teams and exceeding performance targets while promoting a positive culture in fast-paced work environments.












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