Veritas is uniquely equipped to help organizations of all sizes conquer the complexity of managing and protecting their business-critical data. Through our integrated product portfolio, we provide a unified data management experience that delivers unmatched performance and versatility-edge to core to cloud. For more information, visit:


For decades, Fujitsu has been the global leader in imaging solutions. We are dedicated to helping organizations and businesses of all sizes fast-track their digital transformation by turning documents and other paper-based information into actionable, digital assets that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit:


Xerox Managed Print Services from XBS Midwest goes beyond traditional offerings by including comprehensive security, analytics, digitization, and cloud technologies and software to deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms.

From comprehensive security to advanced analytics, we can create a more connected and intelligent workplace. Xerox Managed Print Services from XBS Midwest can help create the synergy your workplace needs to succeed in today's rapidly evolving environment. Our solution goes beyond managed print services by offering a comprehensive analysis of all your workflows to identify bottlenecks and find opportunities to digitize and automate processes.

The XBS Midwest Healthcare Team personally maintains relationships with over 500 clients. After many years of success in the healthcare market, we developed our Healthcare Team in 2010 and we have grown 150% since then with a 99% customer retention rate.

Our Healthcare Team consists of dedicated internal support staff, training team, project managers and digital integrations members allowing for all members to communicate between each other for world class service and solution involvement.  For more information, visit:


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